What To Know


We set out to make getting sweaty as easy as possible. All classes can be booked easily and quickly by phone / WhatsApp. No contracts, no hassle. We ask for your first class that you arrive 20 minutes before class so our reception staff can check you in, and get change. If you would like a tour and or learn more about our classes in advance of your first class visit, please contact the studio and they will arrange a convenient time for you to come in.


We do not have contracts, SANA is pay per visit classes. You can purchase package classes with cheaper single visit price. There are expire date applied.


Our timetable for the week opens every Monday to Friday at 9am-8pm. For Saturday and Sunday are 9am-12pm. Please be informed that we do not using a call-centre services, we response slowly during weekend afternoon.


We ask you that you have arrived and checked in at the studio at least 4 minutes before your class time. If you have not checked in by this time, your booking will be released to the walk-in waitlist. Don’t forget to arrive with enough time to change clothes and have your KOPI SANA!


You can only book not more than 3 friends (4 including you) at a time. Reservation for classes available one week in advance.


You can join FIT MUM n BUMP class with coach Adianti.

Pregnancy Policy for Zumba, TRX, & Yoga
We have had women exercise with us right up to their due date, however we recommend that you always consult with your physician before participating in the classes at SANA. It is essential that you notify your instructor that you are expecting so that they can provide you with suitable modifications for the class.

If you wish to participate in Barre classes at SANA whilst pregnant, we kindly require a physicians note due to the extent of core engagement in the class. It is essential that you notify your instructor if you are pregnant so that they can provide you with necessary modifications.

* If you are new to exercise we strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any new exercise regime or fitness program and that they clear you for exercise.
Pregnancy Policy for HIIT / STRONG
Our HIIT/ STRONG class is not suitable during pregnancy due to the high volume of plyometric training and maximum exertion during the class, however our barre classes provide a great alternative for strength training during pregnancy.


If a class is full, you can opt to join the waitlist. As spot become available our reception will inform the top of the waitlist for confirmation.


If you wish to get a spot in a full class you must let Front of House know at reception that you would like to be added to the walk-in waitlist. You can only be added to the walk-in waitlist in studio, not via email or phone. Available spaces will be released 4 minutes before the start time of class and are allocated on a first come first served basis.


We will send you confirmation text via WhatsApp / SMS, please do reply to secure your spot or we pass it to waiting list. Should you not be able to make it to your class, we will need you to inform us your cancellation. There are waitlists are waiting for your spot.


Bathrooms with shower are available at SANA, one every each floor you might have a queue to use during before and after class. We also have additional powder room, and changing room should you don’t need to take shower.

We provide FREE lockers for first come first serve, please bring your own lock or you can purchase it at the reception. We cannot allow overnight belongings in our lockers.

Workout towel is not available at SANA.
Staying hydrated when you exercise is vital. We provide water stations outside the studios for you to fill up your bottles, or you can buy bottled water from reception.