We started in 2012 as a pioneer in boutique healthy lifestyle studio, and evolved as an active lifestyle hub for sports enthusiast such as runners, cyclist, yogis, as well as weekend warriors.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano “A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body”. A Latin phrase that has inspired us in naming our studio, SANA.

We are one of a kind ACTIVE LIFESTYLE HUB with passion and vision towards healthier future for everyone.

After 6 years we have grown stronger as one big community; a community that is built through personal touch from the co-founders. Our team consist of strong and experienced group of people with a passion for an active healthy lifestyle.

We have two branches located in the hip and fast growing area of South Jakarta.

The place where you can find new friends, workout buddies, your-long-lost friend, a family.


Abimantra Pradhana, Yurika Widyarosa, Arka Narendra and Laila Munaf are the co-founders of Sana Studio.

A Family who values health and has a dream of having a studio where they can actively campaigning about the importance and true meaning of health and being the hub for an active community.


Top of mind ACTIVE LIFESTYLE HUB in Indonesia

To spread the value of health and happiness, love everything you do, especially your workout.


SANA is Ohana
Everything is sincere from the heart.
Health & Social conscious lifestyle.
Motivating and engaging interaction.
Grow together.